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Editorial Policy

I quite liked this Modified Tory Poster, I actually found it through a search for "lies"!

Tory Poster: You Tory Scum

Tory Poster: Big No

Tory Poster: No again...

Tory Posters: Yes it is U Racists

I also found this gem:
(Image stolen from )

Poster:The law should protect people not property

Look carefully...
Poster: Are you thinking that we're stinking?

Protect me, not the rich

Tory Poster: Thinking we're trustworthy?
" 450pt Tahoma (in bold capitals) matches the typeface used on the bottom of these billboards almost perfectly" -

 Tory Poster: It's not clever to fight elections on imigration

Tory Poster: Are you thinking? We're not

Tory Poster: Impose limits on Tory bigots

tory_poster_five_tory_years_of_sh_t.jpg</br /> Spotted by Nick Kreel in Brighton

Taken by me, Andy Pryke, in Birmingham

...and finally, my own creation...

Tory Poster: Labour are doing what we're thinking
Create your own poster at:

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