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Sunday 11th March 2007

Yoyogi Park

  • Yoyogi Park Sign:
    Yoyogi Park Sign

  • Phew!:

  • Cartoon Sign - No Lions Allowed:
    Cartoon Sign - No Lions Allowed

  • Emergency Water Point?:
    Emergency Water Point?

  • Cartoon Sign - Suprised Dog:
    Cartoon Sign - Suprised Dog

  • Bonsai Tree:
    Bonsai Tree

  • Temple Entrance:
    Temple Entrance

  • Ema for sale:
    Ema for sale

  • Hopes and Wishes:
    Hopes and Wishes

  • Formal Procession:
    Formal Procession

  • Wedding Procession:
    Wedding Procession

  • Free Hugs:
    Free Hugs

  • Yoyogi People:
    Yoyogi People

  • Yoyogi People:
    Yoyogi People

  • Snoopy Town:
    Snoopy Town

  • Kaiten Sushi :-):
    Kaiten Sushi :-)

  • Rice Balls in Red Bean Sauce:
    Rice Balls in Red Bean Sauce

  • 500 Yen Coin with "Hologram":
    500 Yen Coin with

  • Railway ads:
    Railway ads

  • Monorail:

  • Monorail:

  • Little dog in basket:
    Little dog in basket

  • Psychadelic swirl of boots:
    Psychadelic swirl of boots

  • Model of Palette Town:
    Model of Palette Town

  • Ticket to ride:
    Ticket to ride

  • View from wheel:
    View from wheel

  • The giant wheel:
    The giant wheel

  • Tokyo Teleport Station:
    Tokyo Teleport Station

  • History of Ginza Lion Beerhall:
    History of Ginza Lion Beerhall

  • Mural in Beer Hall:
    Mural in Beer Hall

  • "German Style" meal:

  • Post drink beermat:
    Post drink beermat

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