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24th April 2004

Got round to updating the gigs on the Misty's Big Adventure page.

17th April 2004

Added New York Girl in Baghdad ( to my WeirdInternetAnimations page.

16th April 2004

Nice animations of greek myths -

Bullfinch's Mythology - reference for myths etc - (sit now down? - April 2005)

6th to 14th April 2004

Visited Munich and Austria, going skiing for the first time, and eating nice Austrian food such as:

2nd April 2004

Saw FollowMyLeader at TheRep, tracing TonyBlair's role in the 2001 war against Iraq. An all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza, with guest appearances from God, "comical Ali", Lord Hutton and 2 million anti-war protestors. Well worth seeing, hope it transfers to the London stage.

1st April 2004

Saw the film Unprecedented ( ) at TheMAC about the election of GeorgeWBush in 2000. Very interesting film, showing how electoral lists were biases to remove black voters, and the political machinations behind the stopping of the recount in Florida.

The film was followed by shorts from IndyMedia ( ) which were OK but a bit heavy on the hard core german punk music!

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