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31st December 2002

Discovered that there's a Birmingham Blogger's meetup planned (sort of) -

Thought I'd start my own list of BirminghamBloggers. I'm not trying to shamelessly steal the idea from Nigel Corbett at: , it's just easier to maintain my own.

29th December 2002

Listened to a lot of song by TheMuppets!

28th December 2002

Set up a ThingsIWouldLikeToDo page to track, well, ThingsIWouldLikeToDo, films/books/places which people have reccommended or I have come across and sound interesting.

Some one mailed me about DorothyParker and the Origins Of The Phrase Friend Of Dorothy's.

20th December 2002

KlubCatusi at the MedicineBar, very few people there. Go on to the MoseleyDanceCenter, which is packed, but very different!

18th December 2002

See Royksopp at TheAcademy. Great gig, they start with a piece which has been in an advert (I belive, I don't really watch any TV), which gets it out of the way. The version of RemindMe is interesting, with plinky-plonky 1980's style keyboards, and heavy Vocorder style effects on the voice. The best song features a female vocalist, who only appears once more - for the encore.

13th December 2002

See the BusterKeaton films OneWeek and TheGeneral at the SymphonyHall, with accompaniment from the CBSO. Excellent films, particularly TheGeneral, and the music fits beautifully.

8th December 2002

Visit the IkonGallery again, and also stop off for Gluhwein at Birmingham's German Christmas Market.

5th December 2002

Go to the ComedyKav at PatrickKavanagh's. This website,, gets quite a long mention from James Cook, the compere.

1st December 2002

See works by OnKawara at TheIkon. Particularly struck by his "One Million Years - Past" and "One Million Years - Future" which allow you to visualise what 1 million years (or 1 million anything) looks like, see the whole of recorded history in 5 or so pages and your own life span in a paragraph. By imagining a set of books which filled the wall of the gallery, you can approximate the 3.5 to 4 Billion years of the history of life on earth.

In the evening, see MichelleShocked at TheGleeClub. Very good, but the audience were dead - didn't help that they were sitting down, but still!

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