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18th July 2004

Moseley Festival again, with Misty's playing in the park. They went down very well, with lots of cheering from the crowd. Erotic Volvo was a massive hit with the children, and a whole gang of them took "dancing lessons" from him.

17th July 2004

MoseleyFestival ( during the day, weather was OK, a bit overcast, but not so busy as previous years. In the evening I saw Misty's Big Adventure at the JugOfAle, very good set with 3 new songs, and good sound quality - Gareth's vocals were particularly clear and I hear quite a lot more of the lyrics of Escalator, Elevator, Stairs - which is quite a political song. As always at the Jug, the upstairs room was like a sauna, but lots of dancing went on anyway.

The new songs were something like "Evil is a four letter word which doesn't mean a lot", "The Story of Love has a Beginning, a Middle and an End", I forget the title of the 3rd one.

15th July 2004

Went to an open studio event at Vivid where CalumStirling talked about his work ( ). His residency at Vivid will probably include a sound installation on the Birmingham Metro system, converting some features of the journey (vibration? light? colour?) into sound.

Calumn also had a fantastic book on ChladniPlates - flat vibrating metal plates, sprinkled with salt, which show very interesting patterns.

Saw Pram as part of Seven Inch Cinema at the Glee Club. They performed to some nice visuals, some of which I recognised and some of which I didn't. Seven Inch concentrated on the work of GuyMaddin. Guy makes films in the style of 1920's silent movies, but with a subtle modern twist I couldn't put my finger on. I found the final film (1 hour +) too long, but really liked the last one before the interval, which reminded me greatly of Metropolis.

13th July 2004

Saw MichaelMoor's film Fahrenheit 911. Some quite interesting stuff, for example, I didn't know about members of Bin Laden's family being flown out of the US following the attack. The film itself is like 2 films stuck together. One follows the Bush-Bin Laden business/ finance connections and the second looks at people who've died as a result of the wars in Iraq and Afganistan. Would have been better for a UK audience with the 2nd section shortened. ( )

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