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30th March

Saw LookBackInAnger by JohnOsborne at the CrescentTheatre. Very good performance. I didn't know the plot or form of the play previously, despite it being well known.

28th March

This solar system simulator - - will show you views of any of the planets and their satellites from any other. As an observant reader may have noticed, I myself am regular reader.

26th March

Heard an excellent documentary on JohnLaw, the MississippiCompany and the origins of the modern (non-monarchical?) monetary system. Wrote some notes on MemeticViewsOfEconomics.

24th March

Added a number of pages on SoundArt / SoundSculpture and some particularly memorably EncountersWithArt.

17th March

Saw (or rather, heard) an exhibition of SoundArt at CitySpace in Birmingham. The works were from the File CD Series. I'd never visited CitySpace before - it seems to be an occasional gallery located above Jacobs photography shop on Corporation street.

The two works which stood out most to me were:

NeilChapman's "untitled", which I would title "Letter from America Cut Up". The artist has taken snippets from AlistairCooke's weekly letter, as broadcast on RadioFour, and re-arranged them so that Alistair launches into his typical diatribe - but this time a diatribe against himself. The cut up approach allows him to utter words which you've never before heard from Alister Cooke's lips, including insults of an almost Shakespearian style. "You c*nt. You fat, useless, faked up salty fool..." Very funny

ReubenHenry's w*nking tune (I wouldn't normally star that out, as I'm not a prude, but to stop this page being blacklisted...). For this piece, Reuben taped a harmonica to his mouth and, well, w*nked! Running time: 3 minutes 52 seconds.

10th March

Saw SantiagoSierra exhibition at the IkonGallery. While I was there, I also bought some excellent postcards by NilsUdo. Made PatatasBrava -

3rd March

Updated by TWiki software - which doesn't make that much difference from the "viewer" side, but allows me more flexibility in page titles and also adds a "page parent" feature, which will make the site easier to navigate - Hierarchical organisation is a good model which (I believe) people find easy to use. Superimposing this on a "pure" hypertext system gives an alternate navigation system, which is simpler for the reader to model cognitively.

2nd March

Did the scientologists personality test at - with a difference - I randomised it by alternating the answers, so I'd answer "+" for one trait, and "-" for the next. The 2nd time I did it more precisely and alternated all 3 answers. These two graphs ( graph1, graph2) shows the results. Apparently, "I" am seriously unstable, depressed, withdrawn and nervous. I'm also irresponsible, critical and unappreciative. I need urgent attention on all these points - which the scientologists will be more than happy to help me with if I give them money and become their brain-washed slave!

Looks to me like the test is rigged to tell you that you need their help - what a suprise! smile

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