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Saturday 10th March 2007

Ameyayokocho Market

This market sells everything from fruit, veg and fish, to the latest trainers and octopus balls!

  • Ameyayokocho Market:
    Ameyayokocho Market

  • Little White Fish for Sale:
    Little White Fish for Sale

  • Leather Animals:
    Leather Animals


The lower floor of an amusement arcade featured these group photo booths known as Purikura. The idea is that you prance around in a booth with multiple cameras in whilst music plays and get various photos taken. Afterwards (I found out through extensive use of acting out and gestures), you go to another booth where you can annotate yours pics with kittens, puppies, stars and cakes!

  • Koi Pink Corner:
    Koi Pink Corner

  • Annotations for Photo Booth Pics:
    Annotations for Photo Booth Pics

Octopus Balls

This shop made octopus balls in the window, and very tasty they were too! The moulds consist of hemispheres into which batter containing bits of octopus, veg etc. are poured and allowed to cook for a while. The cook then pours in another dose of the batter, allows it to cook on the flat section surrounding the moulds, then folds it up and rotates the balls to make them spherical. They're served with wasabi mayonaise and a sticky, slightly sweet sauce.

  • Octopus Balls - Stage 1:
    Octopus Balls - Stage 1

  • Octopus Balls - Stage 2:
    Octopus Balls - Stage 2

A walk in the Park

  • Cherry Blosom Photographers:
    Cherry Blosom Photographers

  • Nice day for a walk:
    Nice day for a walk

  • Red Arches:
    Red Arches

  • Duck Boats:
    Duck Boats

  • Dog in a Dress:
    Dog in a Dress

Misc Tokyo

  • Nice Katakana Sign:
    Nice Katakana Sign

  • Flower Poodles!:
    Flower Poodles!

  • Don't run into trains:
    Don't run into trains

  • Plenty of Signz:
    Plenty of Signz

  • Big Mac - Japanese Style:
    Big Mac - Japanese Style

  • Giant Tree Stump:
    Giant Tree Stump

  • Tokyo Lighted Signs:
    Tokyo Lighted Signs

  • Bread Roll, Japanese Style:
    Bread Roll, Japanese Style

  • Down in the Subway:
    Down in the Subway

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