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30th March 2004

SevenInchCinema at TheRainbow on a Japanesse theme.

27th March 2004

Heard "Excess Baggage" on Radio 4, talking about the church of St Mary & St David, Kilpeck ( ) which has some excellent carvings. It's one of the places I'd like to visit.

St Bridget, Skenfrith also got a mention -

Saw various musical, comedy and poetry performers at TheDrum as part of Mirpuri week. Almost all the speech was in Kashmiri(?) or Urdu(?) so I couldn't really get the jokes - there was a good series of "Doctor Doctor" jokes from one of the comperes and some mother-in-law jokes from SugarArrewala - a kind of Mirpuri JasperCarrot!

Music by AzadKashmirFolkGroup was excellent, and AbdulHamidQawalAndParty gave a good finale. The Dhol and Thuri players from Bradford were great too - but only did a couple of short sets.

26th March 2004

Saw short films by local artists at Collide at MAC, including SimaGonsai's trip around Vietnam and Thailand by bike.

Collide is connected with the larger db Xpo 2004 which has listings here -

24th March 2004

Saw PassportToPimlico, the classic Ealing comedy again. It tells the story of the people of Pimlico who discover that an ancient charter means they are part of Burgundy and not England, so bang go the ration books and pub opening hours. Enforcement of passport controls for passing busses and tube trains follows, then they're up against (the slightly bumbling) might of the government bureaucrats. My calls for a similar "Passport to Moseley" scheme have so far fallen on deaf ears.

20th March 2004

Listened again to HerbertGeorgeWells WarOfTheWorlds as broadcast on the 30th October 1938. "2x2l calling"...

19th March 2004

Went to the opening of Heather and IvanMorrison do not understand it... at UCE in Bourneville. They've been travelling the world, and show projections of 100 trees from China accompanied by a LP of Swedish christmas music, newspaper advertisements placed in Finish papers and text messages sent from around the world.

18th March 2004

Saw GaryDelaney at the ComedyKav. I've seen him a couple of time before and he has an excellent stage presence. His act consists of a series of one-liners "I lost my grandad to the big C" (pause) "He drowned" etc. Well worth seeing if you get the chance.

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