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28th September 2004

Finally got to see some products of the ZX-Spectrum Orchesta at Seven Inch Cinema. Mike in Mono (or is he just Mike now?) gave a programmed set audio visual set from a Spectrum +3, while Brian Duffy (of Modified Toy Orchestra fame showed a DVD mixing Spectrum sounds, graphics and real video. There was a technical hitch near the end of the DVD, but the whole things went down very well.

25th September 2004

Saw Misty's Big Adventure at the Jug of Ale, they've a new CD out, and sounded great!

Ate at King Kebab in Kings Heath - a terribly decorated eat in / take away, which serves great vegetarian kebabs in freshly made nan bread. They actually make the bread on demand - you can't get better than that!

24th September 2004

Saw Celestina at the Rep, after trying to see it last week when it was cancelled due to illness. The part of Celestina was played script in hand by a replacement actress. To be honest, I thought it was quite good, although a number of people had warned me against it - maybe this lowered my expectations. I didn't find the "script in hand" to be a problem at all. The plot was a little thin, particularly the 2nd "half" where the magnificent bar scene was replaced by a bare bedroom, and a monologue which went on far too long. The biggest suprise of the evening, for the audience and the cast was caused by the one actor bounding from the top of the bar, into a pool of punch, and falling flat on his back - looked very painful, but again, well handled. The auction scene was hardest on the audience, as the writer called on them to applaud, as if in a game show, but the uncomfortableness of seeing a young girl with learning difficulties sold off for sexual favours made this a problem. The audience failed to clap the auction winner. Overall, an interesting production, but overlong, a great set design and good movement from the cast.

21st September 2004

Came across the "I Won't Vote Blair" website -

The idea is that you let your MP know that you won't vote for a party lead by Toby Blair, as a kind of punishment and a warning to future leaders. Then, hopefully, the MPs chuck him out!

Fantastic! DouglasAdams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (The Tertiary Phase) on BBC Radio 4. You know when you read a really good book, and you get to the end and think "damn, I want it to continue" but of course it can't, the plot has finished or the characters have experienced an ending, well listening to the H2G2 tonight was like finding a new set of hidden pages for a favourite book. Of course, devices were there - such as the half updated voice on the book - but I felt... that's what DA would have done, if he were here. So thanks Douglas, thanks for all your books and radio and ideas. So long and thanks.

19th September 2004

Ate at the SushiLounge in St Paul's Square, JewelryQuarter. The waiter/barman was nice but busy, and we even got free deserts because they moved a table (not ours). There isn't a lot of real/traditional Sushi on the menu - mostly cooked fish, with quite a large vegetarian section. The tempura was good, and I'd visit again, but it's still not my ideal Sushi restaurent for Brum.

Went to TheRep to see Celestine, but it was cancelled for the 2nd evening due to illness. Instead I managed to see "Car Thieves" at TheDoor. For the first time, I think, I was disappointed. The actors were good, the scenery well done, but the structure of the play just didn't work for me. Lots (I mean maybe 100) of short scenes, with characters who, well, didn't seem to have a fixed character. In each scene they seemed like different people. Sometimes I wasn't sure if they were actually different characters or the same! Maybe it was the translation, maybe it was to do with cultural references (e.g. one of the character's father was in Austria, but it was never made clear where the characters themselves were). Was it a comedy - yes, I think so, in places. Was it a drama? I guess so. Oh dear, I don't normally write bad reviews!

8th September 2004

Visited the SpringhillInstitute for the first time to see "The House of Games", a film in their "Birmingham International Film Club" series.

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