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Cafe Soya provides great Vietnamese food which is freshly cooked and very tasty! Portion sizes are generous, and it's good value for money.

The Cafe is one of my favourite places to eat in Birmingham.

My favourite disk is fried tofu and fish in batter with sweet chilli sauce (including peppers and fresh pineapple). Mmmmhhhmmm.

You're looking at about 5/6/7 quid for a main course (often including rice/noodles), starters around the 3 quid mark (try the steam pancake rolls - look bizarre but taste great)!


The original, small, "cafe-style" Cafe Soya is in the Arcadian Centre - on the ground floor at the side nearest the Bull Ring markets. Prices are a little cheaper than the bigger place and it has a cafe atmosphere, smaller tables, food comes very quickly and you don't really hang around after the meal. The phone number is: 0121 683 8350 (I had this wrong for a while, this is correct as of Dec 2008).

Cafe Soya also has a second larger premises round the corner from the Arcadian Centre in Upper Dean St (behind the fruit and veg market). This has a lot more space, and often attracts larger groups, as well as lots of couples. It's licensed, unlike the original. The address is: Unit 2, The Matrix, Upper Dean Street Birmingham. Postcode, B5 4SL Tel: 0121 622 3888

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