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Cults, Brainwashing and Psychological Manipulation

I'm interested in the way peoples beliefs are formed and changed. This includes the manipulation techniques used by cults, and by advertisers.

What is a cult?

To be honest, this question doesn't interest me as much as it seems to interest others. My interest is more in the tactics used to propagate belief systems. However, you can find some people's views here:

General information on cults

The American Family Foundation ( ) is a secular, non-profit making organisation giving information on cults.Their "Cult-101" ( ) is a good primer on cults.

The Australian Cult Awareness & Information Centre (CAIC)( ) is another good source of links. The Cult Information Centre (CIC) ( ) provides a number of succinct checklists, such as Mind Control Techniques ( )

Yahoo's Cult Page ( ) is a good place to find other sites.

What tactics do cults use?

Why not take Omni magazine's Cult Test ( ) to see if you're a potential victim? After completing the test, you will be given a very interesting list of cult manipulation tactics.

Also see the Psychological aspects of cults ( ), a list of mind control techniques ( ), and Six criteria for thought reform ( )

Information on particular cults

If you want to find out about a particular cult, try:

Leaving cults

Ex-cult-members can swap information at the ex-cult archive - ( ) For the flip side, see the Religious Tolerance page on the anti-cult movement - ( )

See Also: ReligionLinks

-- AndyPryke - 04 Nov 2001

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