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From memory:

Christopher Isherwood
I've never heard of you,
do you exist?

My good friend Geraldine
Says you wrote "Cabaret"
Speaking quite candidly,
I think she's pissed

From Mind:

Higgeldy Piggeldy
Arthur Conan Doyle
wrote a detective who
solved every crime

Filled up his last years with
Oh I give up,
I just can't make it rhyme
- well, not too bad for a first attempt - you have to cheat on the "Conan"

"Quite like a limerick, it has a rigid (if peculiar) structure. Two stanzas, each comprising three lines of dactylic dimeter followed by a line with a dactyl and a single accent. The two stanzas have to rhyme on their last line. The first line of the first stanza is repetitive nonsense. The second line of the first stanza is somebody's name -- strictly speaking, a proper noun. Note that this name must itself be double-dactylic. E.g. Gloria Vanderbilt, Jesus of Nazareth, Gilbert and Sullivan, Archangel Gabriel. In the second stanza, one entire line must be a double-dactylic word. E.g. biopsychology, geopolitical, gastrointestinal, abecedarian, etc. etc." -

-- AndyPryke - 08 Feb 2002

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