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2nd July 2006

Campaign Against Cactus Cruelty.

I'm always amazed by people who are cruel to their cacti. I've seen them, in homes and offices, dry and shrivelled (the cacti that is) as their owners don't think they need water.

When it's hot and sunny, cacti love water. Try watering yours, give them enough for the pot to feel heavy just once and you should see them swell, look healthier and perhaps even flower (you've seen those films of the desert after the rain, right?). If it's a good hot summer, and they're on a sunny windowsill you can water them every 2 weeks or so.

Help prevent Cactus Cruelty - water yours today!

1st July 2006

Misty's Big Adventure and Kate Goes...

Spent the day at a wonderfully sunny Cotteridge Festival to see Misty's Big Adventure and Kate Goes....

It's the 6th time that Misty's have played the festival, and, as they didn't exist last year, the first time for Kate Goes...

  • Kate Goes... Elderly:
    Kate Goes... Elderly

  • The dancing starts...:
    The dancing starts...

  • Misty's plus young fans:
    Misty's plus young fans

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