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 From: Andy N Pryke (
 Subject: Re: Disprove Gravity??? - Quantum Conspiracy Theory 
 Newsgroups: sci.skeptic
 Date: 1999/03/03 

In article <7bfcrl$>,
Stephen Crouch  wrote:
>Is there anyone out there with a degree in physics or engineering that can
>offer proof AGAINST gravity?  I am writing an argument for english, and my
>professor won't accept most of my proof.  If you can offer proof, please
>leave a responce.  Thank you.

You could perhaps try making the "Quantum Conspiracy" argument [3]...

1. Take the Many World interpretation of quantum physics, i.e. that
	the world (in some sense) "splits" each time a decision (read
	measurement) is made.[1]

2. Each (measurement of / observation of) movement apparently due to
	gravity causes "splitting".

3. A world exists in which (just by chance) every observation of
	particle motion _appears_ to be influenced by gravity although the
	vast majority of other worlds aren't.

One consequence of this might be that, at any moment, there are
zillions of copies of ourselves finding themselves in the normal
(non-gravitational) universe and being torn apart.


[1] That each measurement causes a decomposition or decoherence of the
	  universal wavefunction into non-interacting and mostly non-
	  interfering branches, histories or worlds.  (See "What is
	  decoherence?") - Many Worlds FAQ [2]

[2] Many Worlds FAQ, Feb'95. (Was) posted monthly to sci.astro,
sci.chem, sci.math, sci.philosophy, sci.physics, sci.skeptic,
sci.answers, news.answers by (Michael Clive

[3] Anyone heard anything similar before?
-- AndyPryke - 18 May 2001

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