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Editorial Policy

Japan seems to have lots of Cartoon Signs. Maybe this is because learning all the Kanji characters used in Japanese is so hard! Here's some I spotted on my trip to Japan in March 2007.

Transport Signs

In the one below, the woman with pigs trotters for feet has fallen off the platform because she was wearing inappropriate footware. Men, sensibly, should presses the emergency button, while women should scream.

  • The Pigfooted Woman Falls...:
    The Pigfooted Woman Falls...

  • Ow! My finger!:
    Ow! My finger!

  • Don't smoke in the toilets.:
    Don't smoke in the toilets.

  • Don't fold your arms (?):
    Don't fold your arms (?)

  • Woman laughing at a trapped bag.:
    Woman laughing at a trapped bag.

  • Hat fishing area.:
    Hat fishing area.

  • Please don't carry bombs on the subway:
    Please don't carry bombs on the subway

  • Ow! My tail!:
    Ow! My tail!

  • Don't do this. Or this. Or this.:
    Don't do this. Or this. Or this.

  • Birds in Danger:
    Birds in Danger

  • Safety bears:
    Safety bears

Ryokan Etiquette

  • The Bathing Code:
    The Bathing Code

  • The Tatami Matting Horror:
    The Tatami Matting Horror

  • In Case of Emergency:
    In Case of Emergency

Smoker's Ed'

Smokers Education

  • Cigarette Sign - Hot Stuff:
    Cigarette Sign - Hot Stuff

  • Look out for the kids:
    Look out for the kids

  • Smoking do's and don'ts:
    Smoking do's and don'ts

  • Just because you've got one...:
    Just because you've got one...

  • Pros and cons of portable ashtrays (in depth):
    Pros and cons of portable ashtrays (in depth)

Misc Signs

  • Danger! Cats may steal your flowers.:
    Danger! Cats may steal your flowers.

  • Space Rescue!:
    Space Rescue!

  • Valentines are stacking up.:
    Valentines are stacking up.

  • Old cooker advert:
    Old cooker advert

  • Be vigilant for fishcake thieves...:
    Be vigilant for fishcake thieves...

  • Emergency Water Point?:
    Emergency Water Point?

  • Phew! What a smell:
    Phew! What a smell

  • Lion ban in force:
    Lion ban in force

  • Suprised dog!:
    Suprised dog!

  • You dirty rat!:
    You dirty rat!

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