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Editorial Policy

Left handed people are Sinister

What's wrong with left handers?

  1. It's against God and against nature.
  2. Their crappy "south-paw" shops are taking over our high streets, replacing our traditional, decent and normal shops.

The solution to the left handed problem

This evil menace cannot be tollerated in our society. Left handed people need to be removed before they corrupt our children. The simplest solution is to make them use right-handed (i.e. normal) scissors - nature will soon take its course and we will be free of their evil pervertion.

What about the ambidextrous?

Ambidextrous people are half normal and should just be rounded up and kept on a remote and well guarded island.

See also: http://www.secondary-dna.com/

-- AndyPryke - 23 Jul 2001

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