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Gig 5th February 2003

Saw Mike at TheMedicineBar. I arrived 2 songs (?) into his set. The place was packed, with quite a few people dancing near the front, and others bouncing to the beat. The music was great - mainly complex layers of short electronic sounds, with a suprising level of beat, interspersed with (1 or 2?) tracks featuring cut-up voices. These went down well too even though they were quite different from the other stuff. Having seen Mum at the venue before, and had trouble hearing them due to a noisy audience, I was quite impressed! Projected visuals were also great.

Gig accompanying short films at the Mac, July 30th 2002

McLaren made a number of films by drawing directly onto film, those shown tonight include "dots","loops","stars and stripes". MIM's music was excellent, varied and sensitive to the films.

The first film I found a bit too manic(!), so I mainly listened to the music, featuring a live ZX-Spectrum - yep, ole' rubber keys is back!

I also saw "Neighbours", a stop-animation film (of real actors), about 2 neighbours who fall in love with the same flower, and then fall out - very nicely done. The music for this was quite different, reminiscent of traditional "silent film music" sound effects and really made the film - particularly in the humourous sections.

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