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Editorial Policy

Mistys Logo (from orginal story)

Misty's Big Adventure are the best band I know. No arguments. So get yourself down to a gig, pronto smile
  • Write ups of Misty's Past Gigs
  • How Misty's Big Adventure got their name?

Forthcoming Gigs

Also check the band's own website (news section/planet) or MySpace page to check for any other gigs.

Sep 23 2006 - Loopallu Festival, Ullapool Scotland

Oct 20 2006 - Academy 2, Newcastle

Oct 21 2006 - Barfly, Birmingham

Oct 23 2006 - West End Centre, Aldershot

Oct 24 2006 - 100 Club, London

Oct 25 2006 - Brunel Rooms, Swindon

Oct 26 2006 - Thekla, Bristol

Oct 27 2006 - Academy 3, Manchester

Oct 28 2006 - Sumo, Leicester

Oct 29 2006 - Soundhouse, Bolton

Oct 30 2006 - Boardwalk, Sheffield

Nov 1 2006 - Point, Cardiff

Nov 2 2006 - Club Aura, Taunton

Nov 4 2006 - Taylor Johns House, Coventry

Nov 8 2006 - Social, Nottingham

Nov 10 2006 - Crypt, Hastings

Nov 11 2006 - Forum, Tunbridge Wells

Nov 12 2006 - Pressure Point, Brighton

Nov 13 2006 - Unit 22, Southampton

Nov 17 2006 - Brickyard, Carlisle

Nov 19 2006 - King Tuts, Glasgow

Nov 20 2006 - Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

There's also some Write up of past gigs.

News, Rumours and Trivia

  • Do you know how Misty's Big Adventure got their name?
  • The 2nd Studio album, The Black Hole is (i) out and (ii) great! There's some reviews here:
  • Misty's new single "Hey Man" and "Two Brains" came out on the 2nd of May. The CD single includes "Evil" ("just a 4 letter word that means nothing at all") and 5 luck people will find a Golden Ticket in their 7" giving free entry to Misty's gigs for a year... Now that could save me a fortune smile
  • EroticVolvo lost several pounds in weight due to dancing in the sauna like atmosphere of TheJugOfAle (16/7/03)
  • There's at least one bootleg recording from a September 2002 gig - I know because I almost asked the people doing it for a copy but bottled it! smile So if anyone's got a copy of any live stuff, let me know - email Andy(at)AndyPryke.com
  • Apparently Tom Baker (that's the Dr Who Tom Baker, not some random Tom Baker) is a big Misty's fan. He contacted me by email, so I spoke to him on the phone - he's never seen them live but he's got the CDs. I got him to record one of those thingies like when you get famous people endorsing a DJ on the radio. Here it is: Tom Baker / Misty's recording (amr) - it's in AMR format, which should play if you've got quicktime installed (e.g. if you've downloaded iTunes). You can also hear it as an mp3: Tom Baker / Misty's recording (mp3). (1/4/06)

Fashion Parade Video Trivia

  • In the video for Fashion Parade Tarquin's cookery column describes him doing unspeakable things into the his restaurant's signature ice cream
    Still of Cookery Column from Fashion Parade Video

  • Gareth's badge says "Want to Win a Holiday"
  • The rip off band in the video is (The) Teats ()
  • You can also spot members of the Retro Spankees who have supported Misty's on several occasions
  • Locations include Oxford Rd in Moseley, The Rainbow and the gig scenes were filmed in the Birmingham Academy
  • The post punk records are Kilimanjaro by The Teardrop Explodes and something by Echo and the Bunnymen
  • The magazine in which the copy cat bands appear is called MBA
  • Mr Simon, lead singer with Dogfood and occasional Misty's Bassist can be seen videoing the failed band in the park scene - it seems he's the only one who appreciates them smile
  • You can download a high resolution version of the video at FortmarkFilms.com

Contact Details

Email: MistysBigAdventure(at)hotmail.com or enquiries(at)mistysbigadventure.co.uk

Email list for official news: - http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/mistysnews/

Discussion list for fans (and band) - http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/mistysbigadventure/

The band's Flash website - http://www.mistysbigadventure.co.uk/ (Launched October 2002)

Misty's Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/mistysbigadventure

Have a Listen - Downloads


There are now 3 tracks available to listen to at http://www.mistysbigadventure.co.uk/ including (the 1st half of) "Two Brains"

Debut albumn "The Solar HiFi System" is available from "SL Records" http://www.slrecords.net [updated 24/10/04]

The Peel session "Monster Melody" went out on the 17th of September 2003. There's a limited edition (100 copies) available for 3.50.

There's a 12 track "Tour CD" out called "Allsorts" (5) which includes Mulling It Over, Night Time Better Than The Day Time (NTBTTDT), Smothered In Love, I'll Never Be The Same and Singsong. My copy was hand coloured by Tom smile Try emailing MistysBigAdventure@hotmail.com to see if you can get hold of a copy.

The 2 Misty's Single's "I'm cool with a capital C" / "Mulling it Over" and "Night Time Better than Daytime" are available at 2.50 from gig, Swordfish in Birmingham or by mail order from:
Awkard Records, 50 Addison Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7EW.
Email: info@awkward-records.co.uk

I'm Cool With a Capital C also appeared as the 1st track on the "Broader than BroadStreet" CD issued free with the BirminghamPost as part of the city's bid for EuropeanCapitalOfCulture. The CD also Featured MikeInMono.

GrandmasterGareth's An Introduction to Minute Melodies is also available at 5.

The St Dunstan's Experiment CD also has a track from Misty's Big Adventure + 3 from Grandmaster Gareth who front's the band + loads of other good stuff.

A 7 minute video of Brute Force live with Misty's Big Adventure in Birmingham is available from - http://www.brutesforce.com/


BBC Birmingham did an interview with Grandmaster Gareth (summer 2004) - http://www.bbc.co.uk/birmingham/music/2004/07/mistys_big_adventure/mistys.shtml

The Vanity Project - Interviewed Gareth in December 2004 - http://vpinterviews.blogspot.com/2004/12/mistys-big-adventure.html

Fingerpuppets and Badges

Dateline March, 2006. You can now have your very own EroticVolvo who will dance along to Misty's in the privacy of your own home.

  • Erotic Volvo take-away:
    Erotic Volvo take-away

  • Erotic Volvo about to dance:
    Erotic Volvo about to dance

  • Erotic Volvo Badge:
    Erotic Volvo Badge


  • On Stage at Cotteridge Festival:
    On Stage at Cotteridge Festival

  • Mistys In Motion:
    Mistys In Motion

  • Erotic Volvo at the Jug of Ale:
    Erotic Volvo at the Jug of Ale

Pictures on other sites

More about Misty's

  • Misty's Past Gigs and Write ups
  • how Misty's Big Adventure got their name?
  • Wikipedia Entry

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