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Editorial Policy

You recently received a copy of a "Sign and Forward" email petition. This is the only correspondance you will receive from me on this subject - I got your email address by doing "reply all".

Irrespective of the content of the petition, "Sign and Forward" email petitions just don't work.

You will find that the email address to which it is to be finally delived has been closed down due to the volume of email (and due to the fact that starting chain letters breaks the terms of service of most universities, companies and ISPs).

"Due to a flood of hundreds of thousands of messages in response to an unauthorized chain letter, all mail to is being deleted unread. It will never be a valid email address again. If you have a personal message for the previous owner of that address, you will need to find some means other than email to communicate" [Source: ]

If you don't believe me, try emailing the address on the petition.

There are also a whole host of other reasons why these petitions don't work. For full details, see:

-- AndyPryke - 11 Nov 2001

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