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2nd March 2003

Ate Sushi at Satsuma on Waldour St. Satsuma is not a sushi restaurant but serves other Japanesse food as well. It's laid out in the style of Wagamamas, with bench seats which you share with other diners.

Although the service was far from friendly, with one waitress insisting that my friend moved seats although they were obviously not keen to do so, the Sushi was great. Nigiri is ordered as single pieces with a selection of about 11 types including eel, egg, smoked makerel, tuna, salmon, roe,sweet shrimp and prawn. Rolls come in about 6 types, including CaliforniaRolls (with mayonaise as one ingredient!), Salmon, Salmon skin and Tuna with spicy sauce.

I also tried the [Tempura] which was crisp, dry and just right. -

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