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What is South Park?

M'Kay, I know no-one is ever going to ask that question, but here goes

The "Concerned Women for America" (CWA) describes South Park so:

"South Park" is now the most popular show on cable. A crudely drawn cartoon, the show features four foul-mouthed third graders. The content is blatantly sacrilegious, featuring a boxing match between Jesus and Santa, and showing Jesus with his own public access television show. Other shows have featured the kids poisoning their grandfather, conversing with a talking pile of feces, and killing the same character each week in a new and gruesome way.
[Source: ]
- which just about sums it up. The one thing they forget to mention is that it's also hilariously funny.

South Park the Movie

The movie, "South Park Bigger, Longer, and Uncut" has some wonderful musical numbers, and some of the most bizare plot lines I've ever encountered.

The film deserves an award, and it got one - of sorts. "The Child Care Action Project: Christian Analysis of American Culture(CAP)" described it as "another movie straight from the smoking pits of Hell." and gave it their highest rating, indicating that it is highly likely to deprave and corrupt. Be warned, the review does give away the plot, but then it also tells you how many times they use each swear word too...

An analysis of the songs in South Park the movie can be found here:

The Spirit of Christmas

The first appearance of South Park was in a short film, distributed on the 'net as a christmas card in 1995. If you'd like to see it, you can download it from:

-- AndyPryke - 30 Jun 2001

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