Andy Pryke's Java Bookmarks

Most Useful Resources

MSc Software Workshop
The Java Tutorial (Local Copy)
Index of Fields and Methods (Local)
API User's Guide (Local) FAQ (HTML) (External - anyone know a UK copy?)
Roedy Green's Java Glossary
Old Joe: Java at Birmingham
Java Tools Ref (Bham)


MSc Java Course

Java / Emacs Tips
A Few Simple Applets
MSc Software Workshop

Java FAQs etc.

Roedy Green's Java Glossary FAQ (HTML)
comp.lang.java_FAQ (Text)
Java Programmers FAQ


Javadoc FAQ
How to Write Doc Comments for Javadoc
Javadoc Home Page

Java Classes (APIs) - Bham

Index of Fields and Methods (Bham)
Package Index
Package java.lang
Package java.awt
Class java.lang.Class
Class java.lang.Math
Class java.lang.Object

Java Tutorial (bham)

Java Tutorial Table of Contents
Variables and Data Types
Creating and Using Interfaces
Creating and Using Packages
The Java Tutorial (Local Copy)

Online Resources (Books, Mags, Discussion, Links)

Java Programming Resources: Java, Java and More Java.
Dick Baldwins Java Links
Welcome to Java™ Report Online
Java - MCP bookshelf
Thinking in Java (Book, V10a UK Mirror)
Java Developer Connection Home Page
JNN - The Java News Network

Optimization in Java

Java Optimization
JavaWorld - Make Java fast: Optimize! - April 1997
Java Optimization
Optimizing Java for Speed

Threads in Java

Thread State

Graphics in Java

AWT Components
Class java.awt.Canvas
Class java.awt.Color
Class java.awt.Component
Class java.awt.Graphics
Class java.awt.image.ColorModel
Class java.awt.image.IndexColorModel
Class java.awt.image.MemoryImageSource
Class java.awt.image.PixelGrabber
Class java.awt.Point
Common Component Problems (and Their Solutions)
The *new* AWT Tutorial (External)
Working with Graphics

Java Tools Ref (Bham)
ObjectSpace: JGL Overview
Sun Java Doc Index
The Java Oasis: Emacs modes - Index
Scoop on Java - 01/05/98
Scoop on Java - 01/08/98
Polymorphism and Casting (Feature not Bug)
JDK 1.1.5 Documentation - Bham
JDBC Documentation

JDBC Assignment

SQL / Database background info

SQL Tutorial (local copy)
Informix FAQ
SQL Standards Home Page
Database Bookmarks


JDBC Documentation
Getting started in JDBC

Graphics algorithms FAQ
Directory of /graphics/graphics/books/graphics-gems

General Programming Information

Object Oriented Programming

Object Currents™ - Object Magazine Online
Object Oriented FAQ - Object FAQ

About Computer Programming
Dr. Dobb's Web Site

Design Patterns

Patterns and Software: Essential Concepts and Terminology
Abstract Factory Design pattern Homepage
Design Patterns Mailing Lists by thread
Patterns Home Page