End of both the month and year. Time for a new Blog Jan 2002!

29 Dec 2001

Boycott Xmas - If only I'd found this site earlier I could have saved a fortune (and the planet) - http://www.xmasresistance.org/

Nina Paley has some good cartoons and animations on her site, including Nina's Adventures and "Fetch!" in which a man and a dog lose their perspective (in an escheresque way) - http://www.ninapaley.com/

28 Dec 2001

Visited http://www.Fathom.com , an online learning site which includes free courses from institutes such as the Science Museum, Columbia University and the LSE. I'm currently looking at "The Search for Life: An Introduction to Astrobiology"

I was also reminded of the fantastic Project Gutenberg - http://promo.net/pg/ - which provides e-texts of out of copyright books - everything from Pliny to Peeps.

27 Dec 2001

Added an Info Sources page

22 Dec 2001

Read a nice article interviewing Seth Shostak, a SETI astronomer - http://www.pigdog.org/interviews/shostak/seti_interview.html

Which reminds me, something everyone should know about is the Drake Equation.

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