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I've been interested in the concept of memes since I read TheSelfishGene by RichardDawkin as a child. I'd also written on EmailVirusesAndChainLetters as an e...
r3 - 31 Mar 2002 - 15:52 by andyp
MelissaMicrosoftWordVirus Note: This document dates from March 1999. It was my response to concerns about the Melissa Microsoft Word Macro Virus. Summary There a...
NEW - 16 Jul 2001 - 15:33 by andyp
You recently received a copy of a "Sign and Forward" email petition. This is the only correspondance you will receive from me on this subject I got your email...
NEW - 11 Nov 2001 - 10:41 by andyp
You recently received the following email chain letter. It is a hoax, as can be verified at: or various o...
r2 - 03 Mar 2002 - 23:30 by andyp
You recently sent me an email warning of the dangers of the "Teddy Bear Icon" virus. This is a hoax, not a real virus. See: Be...
NEW - 16 Feb 2003 - 13:18 by andyp
Spread of Ideas and Belief Change I'm interested in why people have particular beliefs and how ideas spread. Hence I have written pages on EmailVirusesAndChainLet...
r3 - 22 Oct 2005 - 19:28 by andyp
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