Re-arranging the letters of 'Andrew Neil Pryke' gives:

Ya! wrinkled preen.
Kinder, new player.
Idly preen wanker.
Weak reply in nerd.
Anew kinder reply.
Wanker 'n' idle prey.
Kindly, new reaper.
Darn! new key peril.
Weepy lark dinner.
Repel kind yawner.
Paler dyke winner.
A kindly wren peer.
New reply in drake.
Keenly rapid wren.
Ya! knew peril nerd.
I dark newly preen.
Newly kind reaper.
Dyke winner pearl.
Dry penile wanker.
Newer, kind player.
Wanker deny peril.
Learn weepy drink.
Kindly renew rape.
Newly ape drinker.
Kind 'n' weary leper.
Kernel randy wipe.
Nearly knew pride.
Newly pink reader.
Reply ranked wine.
A wrinkly peer end.
New like darn prey.
Drink nearly weep.
Renew a kind reply.
Wank reply in deer.
I knew randy leper.
Keenly wrap in red.
Lawyer 'n' kind peer.
Darkly weep inner.
I wrap keenly - Nerd.

These anagrams courtesy of

-- Andy Pryke - 27 Mar 2001
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