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Best of Blog 2007 Photo of the Year Drumtrodden Stones and Rainbow Visited the standing stones and cup and ring marks at Drumtrodden near Stranrae in Scotland....
NEW - 28 Dec 2007 - 17:37 by andyp
Sunday 11th March 2007 Yoyogi Park * Yoyogi Park Sign: * Phew!: * Cartoon Sign No Lions Allowed: * Emergency Water Point?: ...
NEW - 07 Apr 2007 - 21:30 by andyp
Religious Texts In hotel rooms you often get a Gideon Bible. Here in the Marriott, you get four different books: A New Testament, a Book of Mormon, The Teaching o...
NEW - 20 Jul 2007 - 13:48 by andyp
Tuesday 13th March 2007 Raw Egg Breakfast Breakfast at the Ryokan included raw egg, which you broke into the rice (at least that's what people seemed to be doing...
NEW - 20 Jul 2007 - 14:04 by andyp
Prev: BlogMarch2007 1 Year Ago: BlogApril2006 Next: BlogMay2007 Friday 27th April 2007 Adobe Building Photos I'd seen the posters on the side of the Museum and...
r4 - 12 Apr 2007 - 21:37 by andyp
Prev: BlogJanuary2007 1 Year Ago: BlogFebruary2006 Next: BlogMarch2007 Sunday 24th February 2007 Elephants at the City Museum On Sunday I visited the City Muse...
r10 - 26 Dec 2007 - 15:47 by andyp
Prev: BlogJanuary2009 1 Year Ago: BlogFebruary2008 Next: BlogMarch2009 Sat 28th February 2009 Sushi Kaji Sushi Kaji is listed as one of Toronto's top Asian res...
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Back to BlogMarch2007 Saturday 10th March 2007 Ameyayokocho Market This market sells everything from fruit, veg and fish, to the latest trainers and octopus bal...
NEW - 25 Mar 2007 - 17:30 by andyp
Prev: BlogFebruary2008 1 Year Ago: BlogMarch2007 Next: BlogApril2008 Sunday 23rd March 2008 Seven Inch Cinema American film collector Jack Stevenson was back i...
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Back to BlogMarch2007 Friday March 9th 2007 Ryokan Breakfast The breakfast at the Ryokan didn't disappoint, with more yuba and also a bowl of tiny little white ...
NEW - 25 Mar 2007 - 16:30 by andyp
Prev: BlogSeptember2007 1 Year Ago: BlogOctober2006 Next: BlogNovember2007 Wednesday 31st October 2007 Ikon Eastide Halloween Party After um ing and err ing ab...
r23 - 28 Dec 2007 - 14:46 by andyp
Japan seems to have lots of Cartoon Signs. Maybe this is because learning all the Kanji characters used in Japanese is so hard! Here's some I spotted on my trip ...
r3 - 07 Apr 2007 - 21:24 by andyp
Japanese Food I loved the Japanese Food I had during my trip to Japan. Recipes and Background Tokyo Food Page Nice Japanese food site, with recipes and artic...
r2 - 29 May 2007 - 16:18 by andyp
Katakana Katakana is one of the alphabets used in Japan. It is most often used to transliterate non Japanese words, and as most of these imported words are in Eng...
r2 - 29 Feb 2008 - 14:26 by andyp
Representations of Elephants I found this image of an elephant, drawn by someone who'd never seen one on a 17th century map in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gal...
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