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Association of British Drivers Text Taken from the newsletter of "Steer" ( http://www.steer ) April 2000: The ABD is the motoring equivalent of the Co...
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Previous: BlogMay2005 Next: BlogJuly2005 One Year Back: BlogJune2004 Sun 26 Jun 2005 The Pricillas Saw the Pricillas up in Lost Vagueness. A great 4 piece band...
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Previous: BlogOctober2003 Next: BlogDecember2003 30th November 2003 Saw "Master and Commander" at the UGC cinema not my normal choice of film, I found it a bit ...
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Previous: BlogAugust2003 Next: BlogOctober2003 30th September 2003 Saw SevenInchCinema for the first time at TheRainbow. Very good and quite busy. It also include...
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Prev: BlogAugust2008 1 Year Ago: BlogSeptember2007 Next: BlogOctober2008 Saturday 28th September 2008 FoxNews Pull Stories Critical of Palin Google News today ...
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25th October 2003 Here's my notes from a great day of seminars and performances. What you can't see hear here is the performances by BrianDuffy (ModifiedToyOrch...
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From the Stan's Cafe piece Of All the People in All the World which I saw in Birmingham in October 2003 and September 2008. These pictures are all to the ...
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Methods Whitelists: Only let through certain mail (e.g. from known senders) Heuristics: Use rules of thumb to guess which mails are spam Blacklists: Block ...
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